NUCL (New Under Cover Lens)

Key Features:
Outdoor application
 .Unlock with Water

.Support 2.0mm Cover
.Support hole-less Cover
.Great ESD susceptibility
.Touch detection / Self-lumination

Module Drawing:

Type Item Spec
Device Dimension Ø21.0mm(OD),Ø19.0mm(ID)
H=7.1mm(include 1.8mm cover glass & 0.8mm PCB)
Weight TBD
Fingerprint Supplyvoltage 3.3V
ActiveCurrent 67mA(typ.)@3.3V
Effectivearea 8x 8 (mm)
Imagepixel array 216x 216 pixel
Imagingquality 1024Grayscale
Resolution 508DPI
Enrolltimes 8
FRR@FAR=1/50K <3%
Searchtime <1s(1:10); <2s (1:30)
Storagecapacity 30pieces
Interface UART
baudrate 115200bps
Touch Supplyvoltage 3.3V
StandbyCurrent 3uA@3.3V
Trigger Activehigh
Environment OperatingTemp. -20℃~70℃
StorageTemp. -40℃~85℃
Humidity 40%~85%RH under 60℃
ESDprotection IEC61000-4-2
Airdischarge±15KV;Contact discharge±8KV

Cap vs. NUCL:
Items Capacitive Sensor NUCL
Appearance Exposed Exposed or under glass
Protective Easily damaged by scratches Excellent protection under Cover
Wet fingers Not easy to unlock Unlockable even underwater

Cover thickness
Support<0.3mm Support 2.0mm
ESDprotection Susceptible to electrostaticdamage Robust to static electricity
Dark night visibility Additional light source required Self-luminous
Acid and Alkali Resistant Not resistant to corrosion Anti-corrosion