Gingy is a professional company with the unique technology of "3D fingerprint identification". Since its inception in 2008, is committed to research and development of key technologies to complete "3D Touch Print", with different software algorithms, combined with high-performance USB controller chip that allows Gingy fingerprint sensor can be widely be used: tablet PC, smart phones, network identity authentication, notebook computers, rugged laptops, industrial host, POS terminal, mouse, keyboard, external drives…and so on. Login or internal computer system for sensitive information, those who want to prevent intrusion or theft allowed internal data, can be used Gingy fingerprint identification products meet protection。Meanwhile, Gingy fingerprint sensor also integrates high-performance 32bit MCU controller chip, can be widely applied in the "embedded system" in a variety of need the key or switch, a password to access or use, such as: electronic door locks, car locks, access control system, remote control, safety box, lockers, gun cabinet and other personal privacy or security of home life and the company's demand for security related products。

Important Notes

Date Notes
2009-12 Approved the establishment of the company.2
2009-12 Completed the development of the first generation fingerprint sensor (6.5mm).
2010-02 USB fingerprint sensor for the first time shipped to OEM manufacturers .
2010-09 Optical fingerprint sensor through new product launches is introduced to customers in Taiwan and China .
2010-11 Optical fingerprint sensor for the first time to obtain Chinese customers to recognize and put into manufacturing in China.
2011-11 Introduction of U.S. shareholder “KOEHLKE”, to help expand sales in Europe and America market.
2011-12 First integrated completed the 32 bit embedded fingerprint identification module.
2012-02 To establish China and Taiwan sales agent system.
2012-06 Obtained the "optical fingerprint recognition system", "fingerprint input module" U.S. two patents.
2012-06 Obtained the "optical fingerprint recognition system" Japanese patent .
2012-07 Obtained "optical panel" Japanese patent .
2012-08 Obtained "optical fingerprint recognition system" Korean patent.
2012-09 Obtained "optical fingerprint recognition system" U.S. patent .
2012-11 Embedded optical fingerprint identification module sold together with third-party algorithms.
2012-12 Obtained " fingerprint reading device " Chinese patents.
2013-01 Obtained "optical fingerprint recognition system", "light guide module" of Taiwan's two patents.
2013-03 Obtained "optical fingerprint recognition system" U.S. patent.
2013-04 Obtained "optical panel" Korean Patent.
2013-04 Obtained "optical fingerprint recognition system" Chinese patents.
2013-06 Obtained the "optical fingerprint recognition system" Chinese patents.
2013-07 Obtain the "image recognition devices" Chinese patents.
2013-10 Gingy second-generation optical fingerprint sensor (4.9mm) began to focus on the customer promotion.


Gingy "3D TouchPrint" technology developed optical fingerprint identification related products, mainly divided into two product lines: First, fingerprint sensor. Second, the embedded fingerprint identification module, each line will provide a different link transmission interface do allow customers to more easily develop products, such as: transmission interface of first line available to customers are: Parallel interface, USB port, Stamp holes, Flexible flat cable interface, SPI interface...and so on, transmission interface of the second line available to customers are: USB interface, UART interface,...and so on.We can meet various customer needs and design. In addition to the existing standard sensor for customers choice, but also can meet the special needs of customers to provide customized products for OEM/ODM projects. So Gingy’s product strategy, clear grasp:

1.With fingerprint sensor for the development of positioning, available to software developers with ability to develop fingerprint recognition software and systems integration company, with its fingerprint recognition capabilities and industry-existing relationship to jointly develop some Customized Products diverse flexibility to meet a variety of application requirements for future information society more quickly, more convenient and more secure authentication and data security mechanisms.

2.With embedded fingerprint identification module for the development of positioning, providing integration with embedded systems manufacturing capacity of the company, with its existing capacity in the industry and to jointly develop a small amount of flexibility diverse customer products to meet customers' diverse application requirements.


Gingy is a specialized R&D, manufacturing and sales of fingerprint sensor and embedded fingerprint identification module, the company in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, and to contribute to environmental protection and to some extent, each of the products from the R&D, production, shipments to the service, each process are required to follow ISO international quality certification standards and specifications subject to strict view each product are quality control through rigorous testing before shipment under; social and environmental concerns continue to pay in order to create products with higher added value and be sustainable for our customers. Gingy attaches great importance to the EU issued to help promote environmental protection "electrical and electronic equipment restriction of certain hazardous substances (RoHS) directive" aimed at banning of new electrical and electronic products, the use of certain hazardous substances, to protect human health and the environment purposes. As part of the Earth, Gingy is committed to providing customers with environmentally friendly products and work closely with suppliers to ensure that products comply with the latest EU environmental standards and legislation enacted .

Gingy Technology Co., Ltd. had recently researched and developed the latest optical fingerprint identification module, that is, the under screen recognition the pattern is similar to the shape of a fingerprint identification module, and under the display a fingerprint identification module is provided for users to placed his fingeer on the screen to obtain the user's fingerprint. We call this technology Under COVER LENS. Such technology implemented in the fingerprint identification module can be configured under the touch screen, exempting the electronic end products from being drilled a hole when installing the fingerprint identification module, in order to achieve a thinner and better identifiable effect.

Gingy Technology Co., Ltd. is currently under development of under-screen fingerprint recognition technology, which reflects the light through light source to the user's finger in order to form a complete fingerprint image, and save the fingerprint image to the fingerprint database. Then, the company's well-developed algorithms and software would compare and identify whether the image obtained later on is consistent with that originally saved in the database. Furthermore, in order to improve the safety of overall end products, Gingy Technology Co., Ltd. also exclusively developed a variety of anti-fake fingerprint technology and developed and designed related driver software and the fingerprint algorithm in order to apply to different product needs and to the mainstream operating system (Android / Windows / iOS, etc.)

It is hereby declared as a trademark of Gingy Technology Co., Ltd. and any use of this trademark for any unlawful use is prohibited without the consent of the Company.