GT Optical Fingerprint  

GT Optical Fingerprint Sensor UART

Mechanical Dimension

Product No:GTM-5210

Key Features

Simple UART & USB communication protocol.

Complies with USB 2.0 full-speed (12Mbps) specification.

Ultra-thin OpticalSensor.

Resolution 450 DPI.

GTM-5210F52 3000 fingerprints storage,GTM-5210F32 200 fingerprints storage.

Wake up on Finger Function .

Works well with dry, moist or rough fingerprints.

Anti-Scratch with surface high hardness≧ 5H.

1:1 verification, 1:N identification.

Reading & writing fingerprint template(s) from/to the device.

High-accuracy and high-speed fingerprint identification technology.

Downloading fingerprint image from the device.

Convenient & Safe & Facilitation—Just one touch and easy to enroll.

Support Anti-spoofing fingerprint solution.





ARM Cortex M3 Core (Holtek HT32F22366)


GingyTech optical Sensor

Window (mm)

16.9 x 12.9

Effective area of the Sensor (mm)

14 x 12.5

Image Size

258 x 202 Pixels


450 dpi

The maximum number of fingerprints

200/3000 fingerprints

Matching Mode

1 : 11 : N

The size of template

496 Bytes (template) + 2 Bytes (checksum)

Communication Interface

UART, default baud rate = 9600bps after power on USB Ver2.0, Full speed

False Acceptance Rate (FAR)

< 0.001%

False Rejection Rate(FRR)

< 0.1%

Enrollment Time

< 3 sec (3 fingerprints)

Identification Time

< 1.5 sec

Operating Voltage (V)

DC 3.3~6V

Operating Current (mA)

< 130


Operating Voltage

DC 3.3 V

Operating Current

< 3mA

Standby Current

< 5uA

Touch Function

High Active