Q:What is biometric identification?

  • Biometric identification is a system of indentifying automatically by individual physiological or behavioral characteristics. Based on its recognition of the true characteristics of the individual rather than the holder or memorize things. In general the way to identify security: such as passwords, personal identification code 【pin】, keys, passes, magnetic cards, IC cards, and biometric. Your memory or to hold things such as passwords and cards may be lost, stolen, or being copied. These objects may not be able to prove the user's true identity, and biometric technology will be able to base on the inherent characteristics of the individual or to identify the identity of manners. In the field of biometrics, fingerprints are the most commonly used features of the use of physiological.

Q:Why do we use fingerprint recognition?

  • In the field of biometrics can be used to identify the features include: fingerprint, iris, palm (shape and palm prints), sound pattern and the pupil and so on. As regards the action aspects of behavior include the signature and typing. However, the most commonly used is fingerprint, mainly because it has the following advantages:

    With legal effect, reliability and non-repudiation in law.
    Never changed in ones life.
    Low-cost, smaller image drawing devices.
    Skillful identification technology.
    With Convenience, can use 10 fingers.

Q:Where to apply Gingytech's Fingerprint identification?

  • Gingytech provides a variety of “optical touch fingerprint recognition”
    products, because of its plane touch panel, is very suitable for the need of individual privacy and home security and the company’s confidential documents preservation.
    Divided into three main areas:

    Personal computers, portable computers and related computer peripherals and other applications, such as: AIO computers, desktop computers, notebook computers, mini book computer, computer keyboard, mouse, flash drives, fingerprint reader, hard disk …and so on.

    Mobile phones and personal action assistants, wireless network security mechanisms such as certification of the related applications, such as: PDA, smart phones, network authentication, the security of online games ... and other authentication mechanisms.

    Independent of the access control system related applications, such as: smart card, electronic door locks, access control systems, personnel missions, automotive electronic locks, electronic cash register ... and so on.

Q:How to use Gingytech fingerprint technology?

  • Gingytech provided by the respective 『Optical touch fingerprint recognition』 products, because it belongs to the surface, the user as long as you gently pressing touch above of 『Optical touch fingerprint recognition module』flat, you will start the fingerprint acquisition module, when after obtaining the image, the data from simulation converted into digital format, and then to recognize to the saved images for identification, after matching the standard, it then completed identification authentication.

Q:Consumers use Gingytech fingerprint technology, where the advantages?

  • Consumers use Gingytech developed by various types of『Optical touch fingerprint recognition module』, has the following advantages:
    Easily touch, without learning, easy to login
    It is the thinnest Optical fingerprint identification module in the world and can be applied on all handheld devices.
    Special surface treatments may resolve the issue of stem finger that not easy to register.
    A friction resistant and anti-static may be applied of a variety of environments.
    High Safety factor, there is no need for high login rate to sacrifice security, and resist 2D fake fingerprint.

Q:Gingytech's application software is compatible with other companies?

  • Yes it is. Gingytech's software is fully compatible with Windows AMACP schema; There is no problem on upgrading version. In addition, the same type of Gingytech developed『Optical touch fingerprint recognition module』module can be used interchangeably.

Q:What is the FAR, FRR?

  • FAR (False Acceptance Rate): The probability that biometric systems get error identification of illegitimate users to legitimate users.
    It represents the security level.
    FRR (False Rejection Rate): The probability that biometric systems get error identification of legitimate users to illegitimate users.
    It represents the convenience level.
    Gingytech fingerprint module with FAR:<0.0001;FRR:0.01%(Depend on the types)